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Arkansas Science Teachers Association (ASTA)

Fall Conference 2024

We are looking forward to hosting the first in-person conference since 2021! We have attempted virtual conferences, small in person conferences in your area, and even had to cancel a conference due to low attendance. This year our goal, as an organization, is to host the conference in a central location in hopes that all of our dedicated science educators in the state will attend. We look forward to sending out promotional information over the next months and weeks leading up to the event!


Spotlight on Science:
Re-Igniting Science Education

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Call for Presenters

Click the link below to register as a vendor!

We are seeking presenters who can deliver engaging, informative sessions that offer practical strategies, innovative practices, and research-based insights aligned with current science education standards.


Presenters will benefit from showcasing their expertise to a wide audience of educators, gaining recognition within the education community, and networking with other professionals. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to contribute to the professional development of teachers and influence the future of science education.


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Call for Vendors

Click the link below to register as a vendor!

We are seeking vendors who offer innovative, interactive, and educational products or services that align with current science education standards, promote sustainability, and support diversity and inclusion.

Participating vendors will benefit from direct exposure to a diverse group of educators, networking opportunities with industry professionals, and enhanced brand visibility within the education community. Additionally, vendors will gain valuable feedback from educators, helping to refine and improve their offerings.



For more information about the conference, stay updated here on our webpage and via social media or newsletter correspondence. To get the most updated information make sure to join our organization! 

Jackie Scott

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