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Assessment Design

Improving Test Scores One Student at a Time using Common Assessments, Backwards Design, and Intervention

Setting Target Statements

What do you want students to learn? The key question to any lesson is identifying the key skills students need to master when the unit is complete. Target statements can be used for student reflection of their own learning. These "I can" statements keep the learning process transparent throughout the unit.


Before planning activities, writing meaningful higher order assessments that test the students mastery of the skills learned is the key to building a unit where students thrive in their learning environment.

Lesson Planning 

I specialize in Group Lessons, and know how to get my students to excel through personalized attention, patience, a lot of practice, and hard work. I make learning fun through a variety of engaging and outside-the-box activities. Teaching is a skill, but great teaching is more of an art that only a few can master.

Schedule a Lesson


What do I do if the students are still struggling with mastery of the content? Developing a meaningful intervention is important to the success of ALL students. Planning intervention comes from the data analysis from test results. Identifying the common problems, misconceptions and reasons for this mistakes are important to the intervention process.

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