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Resources - Grants and Information for Educators 

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Our goal at ASTA is to bring you the most up to date resources, surveys, awards, opportunities, and grant information!   

Grant Opportunities ADE

Click below to find out the latest in equipment grants, technical grants, and educational grants in Arkansas. Make sure to type in "grant" or "grants" to search the commissioners memos for more information! 

ACS Chemical Safety Grant Application

Purpose: The purpose of the the CCS High School Chemical Safety Grant is to promote chemical safety excellence in secondary education in one of the following areas: Integrating chemical safety into curriculum (e.g., Incorporating risk management, RAMP, into lab activities, teaching risk assessment to students and creating a culture of safety in the classroom).

Advocating for safe chemical practices (e.g., developing and implementing peer professional development for teachers and administration, obtaining Chemical Hygiene Officer training).
Improving chemical safety infrastructure (e.g., improvements in chemical storage, inventory management, ordering, or waste disposal).


National Science Foundation

To accelerate NSF's investment in education R&D in order to create new knowledge and applied solutions that can dramatically improve student learning outcomes, in particular for historically marginalized populations

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Celebrating Teachers

One excellent educator will win $25,000, a trip to Hawaii, and appear in Reader’s Digest.

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Apply now to enter for a chance to win! Educators deserve recognition too! Voting starts on March 25, 2024! Don't miss your chance to apply!

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Wildlife Education Grants 

Funds collected from game and fish law convictions never leave the county where the fine occurred. The money is used to fund educational programs focused on fish, wildlife and conservation in the counties where the offense occurred.

All fine money collected by the AGFC is redistributed by the Arkansas Economic Development Commission's Division of Rural Services to schools and conservation districts in the county where the violation occurred in accordance with Arkansas Code Annotated 6-16-1101.

2023-2024 STEM GRANTS 

The award is $10K for public schools teaching STEM in grades 3rd thru 6th.  The grant is for the purchase of STEM equipment and materials.  The Commitment to Excellence in STEM Grant is administered by The Arkansas STEM Coalition through funding from the Arkansas Committed to Education Foundation. Grants provide up to $10,000 for Arkansas public schools teaching 3rd, 4th, 5th, and/or 6th grades to purchase STEM equipment and materials. 

Download APPLICATION in Word
Download BUDGET TEMPLATE Spreadsheet

STEM Coalition Map - Arkansas

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