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About Us

Arkansas Science Teachers Association Executive Board

Our ASTA Board is composed of talented people all around the state of Arkansas - Read below about each of our executive board members. 


Letter from the ASTA President 

Welcome information for our new 2024 President! 

Our Story

The Arkansas Science Teachers Association (ASTA) began in the 1940's.  It main purpose was to support science education in Arkansas.  Today our mission is to increase our membership in the lower grades, seek partnership with other curriculum areas, continue to seek cooperation between all K-16 levels in science education, advance the quality of science education in our state’s schools, Build a Presence for Science, and support state and national science education standards.


The Science section of AEA began meeting annually in the late 1940's, during the AEA state meeting, in the courtroom of the Pulaski County Courthouse.  ASTA first started as a subcommittee of AEA and there were AEA science officers and ASTA officers in the beginning.  The first discussions of forming state science teachers’ organization began at Hanks Dog House restaurant in Little Rock.  JoAnne Rife, the state's first Presidential Awardee in Science Teaching, was present at this meeting.  ASTA came into being in 1959 or 1960 as a result of these meetings.

2024 ASTA Board Members 

The board is made up of three main categories of officials. Executive board members and ASTA board members are voted on by the members of ASTA, while appointed positions are voted in by the ASTA board. If you would like to become a member of the board, then please join ASTA!
Look below for more information about each board member. Please, reach out if you need help, support, or have any questions.  

Executive Board

Susan Allison - Past President
Whitney Major - President
Jackie Scott - President Elect
Shannon Clardy - Recording Sec
LaDonna Mendleski - Executive Sec

ASTA Board Members 

Appointed Members

Stephanie Long - Elementary Director
Gwen Rains - Middle Level Director
Dr. Charlotte Wheeless - College Director
Amy Morris - High School Director
Tracy King - Northwest Director
Leonda Holthoff - Southeast Dir-Reg 4
Jennifer Langston - Northeast Dir-Reg 2
Jessica Carr - Central Director
Kellye O'Neal - Southwest Director
Marc Reif - Treasurer
Stephanie Carlton - ADE Representative

Matt Holden- Membership Dir.
Aquia Vasseaua - Technology and Social Dir.
OPEN POSITION - Newsletter Editor
Patrycja Krakowiak - Historian

Meet the ASTA Board

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