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Solar Eclipse 2024 
Totality over Arkansas

The information below is dedicated to bringing you educational solar eclipse resources that you can use in your classroom! The path of totality is over Arkansas this year and we cannot wait to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity! 


Explore hands-on, teacher-tested activities for the classroom and beyond.

High School level, hands on learning activities to explore the solar eclipse and so much more! 

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Brain POP Science - Solar Eclipse

Need an engaging solar eclipse resource? BrainPOP has you covered! Let Tim and Moby explain the difference between partial and total eclipses; what an umbra is; why the path of totality is the place to be; and how to observe a solar eclipse safely. Don't let this movie pass you by—click "play" and prepare to be illuminated!


The Path of Totality 

The projected exact time it will pass over each county and be found online through any specific search but in order to get the best view we recommend watching the sky from 12pm to 3pm. 

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Students use simple materials to model the basics of a partial, annular, and total solar eclipse


Solar Eclipse Endeaver - Arkansas

High Schools around the state will be recording luminosity and temperature during the solar eclipse! Teachers can provide a rare opportunity for their students by attending PD at their local cooperative where they will receive all equipment at no cost!

If you would like to have access to the data once it has been collected please reach out to us! We have several teachers collecting data for the state! 

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Solar Eclipse Mini Lessons

If you are looking for a mini lesson about the solar eclipse for students in grades 3-8, then check out the link below! They have great mini and interactive lessons. These lessons include a summary of the lesson, attachments, links, and resources! 

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Solar Eclipse resources for first grade students! 

Here are some solar eclipse activities for the classroom to teach and celebrate this amazing natural phenomenon!
There are so many great books on solar eclipses, the sun, and the moon to help students build background knowledge! 

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